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Auto accident attorney california : know full details

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After suffering injuries in a car crash, you face significant obstacles. You’re attempting to get better while dealing with excessive medical expenditures, a lack of employment opportunities, and excruciating pain and suffering. It would help if you had a skilled California auto accident attorney california who has a track record of success on your side.

Berg Injury Lawyers has lawyers who have been in your shoes after car accidents in California. We have the answers to your questions concerning the worth of your insurance claim and how long it will take to get a reasonable payment.

Our firm’s automobile accident attorney will provide you with straightforward, understandable answers to all of your questions about your claim, including those related to medical payments coverage, property damage, lost income, and more. They’ll also point you in the direction of the medical attention you require to rebuild your life after the accident.

Whether you need someone to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf or you need assistance getting back on your feet, we can help. We serve customers all around Northern California, including San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, and Modesto.

Call us now or complete our online form to start communicating with us. They provide private and cost-free consultations.


You may be hesitant to retain legal representation due to financial considerations, but at Berg Injury Lawyers, there are no out-of-pocket expenses if your case is unsuccessful. This is what we mean by our No Fee Guarantee®.

Berg Wins 60x the Offer from Insurance Company in Car Accident Case

Recently, Berg Injury Lawyers won a case involving an auto accident that resulted in a recovery of SIXTY TIMES, the insurance company’s first settlement offer.

After another driver executed an illegal U-turn in front of our client, he was involved in a severe collision that left him with serious neck injuries. The first hardware used to fuse his cervical vertebrae failed; therefore, he needed a second operation. Our client turned down an insurance company settlement offer before retaining Berg Injury Lawyers. He received a settlement that was sixty times larger than what he had been promised before he retained Berg Injury Lawyers.

Do You Have a Claim? Know the details

It’s natural to feel unsure about your legal rights following a car crash. There are two requirements that an accident must meet before you may file a claim for damages:

  • The other party’s carelessness contributed to the accident’s severity.
  • You or a loved one sustained life-threatening injuries as a result of the accident.

You can ask our California automobile accident lawyers anything you want to know about what constitutes negligence and what kind of injuries are considered “severe.” We will immediately begin constructing your claim if your lawyer determines that your accident fulfills both of these conditions.

If your claim involves damage to your vehicle in addition to your injuries, we will help you work on resolving your vehicle-related claim AT NO COST.

here is, What to Do When the Insurance Company Calls You

Your insurance company or the insurance company for the person who caused the accident may contact you once they learn about the incident. Even though you should report the accident to your insurer as quickly as possible, you should avoid communicating with anyone from the other driver’s insurance company.Innocent statements can be exploited to make it look like the accident was your fault or that your injuries aren’t severe.

They may also try to hurry you into signing a settlement for much less money than you need.It is not uncommon for insurance adjusters to exaggerate the potential compensation owed to victims; having legal representation can assist you in determining the actual value of your claim.Your current and future medical bills, missed earnings, and other expenses will all be factored in by an expert California auto accident attorney, giving you a clear picture of the compensation you need to cover the total costs of your accident.When the insurance company calls, hang up and give us a call.

They’ll assist you in evaluating the insurance company’s settlement offer and handle any communication with them on your behalf.We have the information you need to understand what happened in your vehicle accident. Get your free consultation by contacting us today, or check out our commonly asked questions website for answers to issues our clients have about automobile accident cases.

Is It Worth Hiring for a auto accident attorney? know the details

You should consult an attorney about your alternatives if you’re considering hiring one following a car crash. If you’ve been in a vehicle accident, hiring an attorney can help you collect much more money than simply taking the first offer the insurance company provides.


details of When Should You Sue After a Car Accident

If the insurance company is not paying you what you are owed after a car accident, you should seek legal advice. A lawsuit is frequently a person’s last alternative after being harmed. Still, it can be a practical approach to get the money they need to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses.

What Is the Average Settlement for a Auto Accident in California?

Car accident settlements can be anywhere from a few thousand to several million dollars. We’ll consider a wide range of variables when calculating your payment after we’ve taken on your claim. Your future costs, including medical care, repairs to your home, missed wages, and other expenses, will be considered.

Your attorney will evaluate all the costs and losses you and your family have sustained to arrive at a fair settlement offer. The insurance company will then be asked to pay.

For a California Auto accident claim, do you have to go to court?

Although most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court, lawyers specializing in automobile accidents realize it’s better to be ready for trial just in case.

We at Berg Injury Lawyers are known for being formidable negotiators. The insurance firms are aware that we would go to court to ensure that our clients get compensated fairly for their losses.

How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your auto Accident Case

Many lawyers in California would be pleased to represent you, but they won’t all achieve the same outcome. Consider these suggestions as you search for the right automobile accident lawyer to represent you.

  • Consultations with California auto accident lawyers are typically free of charge. Please don’t miss the chance to discuss your situation with a lawyer and receive their opinion.
  • Find out how successful the lawyer has been with similar cases to yours. They should be able to brag about the tangible results they have brought to clients.
  • Ask the attorney about their approach to these cases. Do they prepare cases for trial, or do they strive simply for a settlement? Justification for such a strategy would be appreciated.
  • Write down the attributes of a car accident lawyer most important to you. You should find a lawyer that you trust to be:
  1. Experienced
  2. Reputable
  3. Assertive with insurance companies
  4. Responsive to your calls and questions
  5. Willing to meet you on your terms, including at your home or in the hospital
  6. Able to get you the care and help you need
  7. Compassionate and empathetic

You can gauge a legal firm’s professionalism and level of comfort with them during a free consultation. It would help if you felt confident in your auto accident lawyer’s abilities before hiring them. Please don’t be shy; ask them anything you want.

Here at Berg Injury Lawyers, we prefer to talk to clients face-to-face. Let our lawyers hear your side of the story, and we’ll evaluate your case at no cost.


Here are nine things to do following a car accident to safeguard your health and financial interests:

  • Call 911. If there are any serious injuries or damage to vehicles or property, dial 911 immediately. As first responders begin caring for injured people at the accident scene, the police will create an official record called an accident report.
  • Please seek medical help. Serious injuries sustained by victims necessitate immediate medical attention. You should see a doctor as soon as possible, even if you don’t think you’ve been seriously hurt. Minor injuries in an accident may worsen over time, especially if they are internal, involve soft tissues, or cause stiffness. This initial medical report can be used as evidence of the extent of your injuries in the event of a car accident claim.
  • Get some shots. If you’re filing a personal injury claim, having photographic evidence of your vehicle, injuries, the accident scene, and anything else you think might be relevant can be helpful.
  • Don’t take the blame or offer an apology. Never admit fault for the accident, whether to the police, witnesses, or the other driver. Miscommunication and rapid events are common in accidents. Apologizing or admitting guilt to the other driver may compromise your ability to sue for damages, even if it turns out that you were not at fault or were only partially at fault for the accident.
  • Learn as much as you can. It would help if you got the other driver’s complete name, address, phone number, number plate number, and insurance information. Make sure your lawyer can get in touch with any potential witnesses by getting their contact details.
  • Document what transpired. Immediately after the accident, jot down as many details as you can recall. The better your chances of getting compensation, the more information you can provide about what happened.
  • Ignore the insurance company at your peril. After an accident, the insurance company may contact you to have you sign a settlement agreement. Don’t sign anything, and if you can help it, avoid picking up the phone. Signing any settlements may nullify your rights to total compensation for the accident.
  • Always make duplicates of essential documents. Be sure to keep track of every accident-related dollar you spend. With the proper paperwork, you can get reimbursed for things like medical care, car repairs, prescriptions, gas money, and rides to and from the clinic.
  • It’s time to get legal representation. An experienced auto accident lawyer in California can represent you in negotiations with the insurance company, gather and submit all relevant evidence, and ensure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

There are a few good arguments in favor of getting an attorney involved early on. Having legal representation can assist you in ensuring that your claim is as strong as possible. They will deal with the insurance company on your behalf. If a skilled advocate handles your claim, you may concentrate on getting better while they take the legal details.

We at Berg Injury Lawyers are accustomed to the tricks used by insurance companies. And if you don’t win, you don’t pay for our services since we provide a No Fee Guarantee®.

The sooner we can work on your case after your accident, the better. Wait to contact us tomorrow if you want assistance.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Regardless of what led to your car crash, it would help if you focused on getting better. When representing clients in California following car accidents, we often see the following types of injuries:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Head, neck, and spinal injuries
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Paralysis and nerve damage

Learn more about what causes most California car accidents by checking out our Car Crash Facts and Statistics page.

Contact them for a Free Initial Consultation

Automobile accident victims in San Francisco, Sacramento, and all of Northern California have had Berg Injury Lawyers on their side since 1981. Our No Fee Guarantee® ensures that if we don’t win, you won’t either.

Don’t take on the insurance company after a vehicle accident without help. The insurance company may owe you more money than they are willing to concede, but you have rights that safeguard your best interests. But unless you consult with Berg Injury Lawyers, you might not find out.

Do not accept an insurance company’s valuation of your claim at face value. The initial consultation with Berg Injury Lawyers is free of charge.


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