Shark has expanded its hair tool lineup, and it seems like we may have more dupes on our hands

The brand that brought you the best Dyson Airwrap dupe is back with more.

Shark is a vacuum company that knows how to create a good beauty dupe.

The brand has come out strong in offering high-end hair tech at a more affordable price with the FlexStyle hair styler (also known as the Dyson Airwrap in a slightly different font) and the HyperAIR (a Dyson Supersonic-esque hair dryer).

That’s why we have our first question: Can the Shark SmoothStyle and the Shark SpeedStyle, two new beauty tools released on Aug. 15, be new dupes? We examined closely to find out.

What is the exact definition of the Shark SmoothStyle?

Let’s cut to the chase — the SmoothStyle resembles a leveled-up Revlon One-Step. Basically, the round hot air brush has some extra features, but it retails for $99.99. The SmoothStyle may not seem like a strong selling point compared to the One-Step’s $59.99 MSRP, but Shark does have an edge.

First of all, the One-Step will fry your hair without showing any remorse. It becomes hot, and that’s why using it on mostly dry hair to finish off your styling is especially important (which is honestly the case with most hot air stylers). Basically, we all didn’t think it was the all-in-one dryer and styler it was when it first came out.

However, the Shark SmoothStyle has specific modes for styling wet and dry hair called “Wet Hair” and “Dry Hair” modes. In other words, it seems like Shark is actually trying to make the product we all thought the One-Step was.

It works like this: The SmoothStyle has three preset air temperatures that take your hair from wet to dry when you start with dry hair. Once it dries, the hot air’s moment is over, and you should use the SmoothStyle like you use a thermal brush, with the one preset heated smoothing comb setting. The comb features ceramic-coated plates that aim to reduce heat damage (flat irons consider ceramic as the most hair-friendly option for damaged hair).

Basically, hot air brushes, ranging from Revlon’s $59.99 brush to Drybar’s $155 brush, and the Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush (which retails for $100 and is almost always sold out), have a baby. While it may not be a one-to-one dupe of any brush, it offers multi-functionality for just $99.99.

Shark smoothstyle.

The Shark SpeedStyle could become the new reigning Supersonic dupe

Based on the looks alone, it seems like the Shark SpeedStyle might be trying to imitate the BioIonic 10X UltraLight Speed this time. Plus, the name of both includes “speed”. The SpeedStyle starts at $179.99, offering a price that is comparable to the BioIonic’s $299, but there is more to consider.

Yes, we are discussing attachments. Shark, the best Dyson dupe artisan out there, offers attachments, of course. You can select two out of the six distinct attachments Shark offers, including the Express TouchUp brush, the DefrizzFast Diffuser, the Turbo Concentrator, the QuickSmooth brush, the Lift & Stretch Wide Tooth Comb, and the RapidGloss Finisher, for the mentioned price of $179.99.

You can buy the SpeedStyle for curly & coily hair or the SpeedStyle for straight & wavy hair for $199.99. Both options include three attachments that are best suited for those hair types.

Just a reminder, the Dyson Supersonic is sold for $429.99 and includes five attachments. The SmoothStyle’s attachments resemble direct analogues to the Supersonic’s more than the Shark HyperAIR (one of our current top dupes for the Supersonic) does. For instance, the RapidGloss finisher closely resembles and offers a performance comparable to the Dyson flyway attachment.

The SmoothStyle also maintains the heat-adjusting IQ of the HyperAIR, possesses 1700 watts of power compared to the HyperAIR’s 1680 watts, and offers five total heat settings and three airflow settings, while the HyperAIR provides four heat and four airflow settings. And the HyperAIR is $25 more expensive.

Shark, in addition to Dyson, appears to have duped itself.

Shark smoothstyle.

Where can I buy the SmoothStyle and SpeedStyle? has made both tools available as of Aug. 15. The brand states that domestic and international retailers will have them available starting early autumn 2023.

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