com wssyncmldm: what is it and how can I fix it?

People often scratch their heads when they discover the com wssyncmldm program in their Google activity or system app list as Used. You’ve come to the perfect place if that describes you. Everything you want to know about this app’s features and functionality has been covered. However, before we get started, we need to discuss system applications.

Multiple system apps must always be active in the background for an Android phone to function. Feel free to contact me if you find an unfamiliar app in your Google activity log but can’t recall ever using it. These Android packages are typically a part of crucial system software. They operate autonomously and do not require human intervention.

Com wssyncmldm, what is that Android app?

The com.wssyncmldm package is preinstalled on most Samsung smartphones running Android. The Android operating system uses this way preinstalled program, along with, to automatically check, track, and update the way and other apps.Wssyncmldm also notifies the user if there are available Samsung device updates.

The phone user is not likely to detect the app running in the background. The program no longer requires frequent checking, which previously drained data and energy.

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com.wssyncmldm – is it possible to disable it?

If you have rooted your Android smartphone, you can turn off com.wssyncmldm using Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or a package disabler. We strongly advise against turning off this app. As we’ve already mentioned, the operating system relies on it for automatic upgrades. If you disable or remove the app, your device will no longer automatically search for software updates. Instead, you’ll need to resort to checking things by hand.

Is com. wssyncmldm a malware or a safe app to use?

Many think this app is spyware or malware, like the OMACP Android app. Butcom.wssyncmldm is a set of apps called “bloatware” that ran in the past to control the OS status.
This means you don’t have to worry about this wssyncmldm software already on your Samsung device, such as the CQATest app. There are also some problems with com.wssyncmldm on the phone, which is also true. This has led many Android users to search the Internet for ways to eliminate the WSSYNCMLDM. However, according to tech experts, you shouldn’t fix the problem without taking the device off the phone if you think the phone needs it for security.

How can I fix my broken com.wssyncmldm app on Android?

A flaw in the software or corrupted data in the cache are likely causes of the com.wssyncmldm error logs no longer being generated. This means that identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the problem is essential.
Here are several solutions you can try to correct the error or uninstall the app:

  • Eliminating all app-related data and cache
  • The simplest method for resolving issues with all apps that use Google Play
  • The function is to delete the app’s data and cache. If you want to move forward with the procedure, do what I say:
  • All apps can be accessed by going to the phone’s settings.
  • Show Way Apps can be accessible by clicking the three vertical dots (the ellipsis icon) in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  • Seek out com.wssyncmldm, and then select it.
  • Make sure you press the “Stop Force” button.
  • Clear Cache and Data is an option in the Android App Garage, which you may get by selecting a menu item.
  • To see if the message reappears when you use your phone, return to your starting point and try again.
  • When the program freezes, use the Titanium Backup Software to save it.

If the first approach doesn’t work, freezing the com.wssyncmldm app with the Titanium Backup Application could be the next best option. Because even if you freeze the appliance, it won’t come out. The Samsung Account app will continue to function normally.

Your phone must have root access to turn off the app’s operation. You should look up how to root your phone before attempting to freeze it.
The steps below are only applicable if your phone has root access.

  • Titanium Backup is a software that can be downloaded and set up from the official site.
  • Launch the program on your cell phone.
  • Try opening the com.wssyncmldm file.
  • Select “Freeze” from the menu. This would immediately halt any ongoing phone operations related to com.wssyncmldm.


You no longer need to worry if your phone’s com.wssyncmldm app malfunctions. You should be fine with contacting the app’s developers if you use the solutions above to fix the issues. Some customers continue to need help even after attempting the steps above.

Alternatively, you could flash the stock firmware using Samsung Odin. Ensure your Android device has been backed up before using this finalized approach. You should see an expert if you have any doubts about your actions.

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