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whatsapp chatting photo: WhatsApp just added photo sharing and quick reply to improve messaging

WhatsApp is enhancing its photo sharing and messaging abilities for iPhone users with whatsapp chatting photo.

On Monday, the chat platform owned by Facebook dropped a new update that includes new features for photo sharing, such as Albums and Filters, as well as a new quick reply function.
Users can share photos and videos on WhatsApp through various methods, such as using its popular Status feature (which surpassed OG Snapchat in total daily users last month and is a clone of Snapchat Stories) and by directly sharing files with contacts in chats. But sharing photos directly with contacts can be an overwhelming experience, as the photos are listed out completely in the body of the chat, regardless of the number of photos shared.

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Now, WhatsApp has added a new Albums feature (whatsapp chatting photo) that will automatically organize photos for you. It will group any collection of four or more photos or videos together in a tile display that you can view within your message thread.

The app only keeps your photos organized with the update. You still need to manually restrict the app from saving images from your friends directly to your phone’s camera roll (to be honest, this is the one image sharing feature that could have been changed).

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The update didn’t only focus on photo organization. The app also introduced a new Filters feature, which allows users to choose from five new options — pop, black and white, cool, chrome, and film — to edit pictures, videos, and GIFs directly within the WhatsApp camera. In case you haven’t yet put them through the ringer on Instagram, you can also edit files that were already on your phone.

WhatsApp has added a new quick reply shortcut in its latest update whatsapp chatting photo, making it more utilitarian and likely to be a welcome addition for users.

A quick right swipe allows users to reply directly to any message, speeding up the chat process.A WhatsApp rep confirmed that iOS users will initially have access to the new features, while an update for Android users is expected in the near future.

WhatsApp is morphing into a more fully-realized social media network with the updates, but a full timeline in the app won’t be seen anytime soon.

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