Top 10 YouTube To WAV Converter: 2024 Complete Guide

Here are the best free YouTube to WAV converters, as I chose, in the year 2023. You may convert YouTube videos to WAV files quickly and easily with the help of these internet tools. Without further ado, let’s go right into the list.

Here are the top 10 Best YouTube To WAV Converter Online for 2024

1. HitPaw Video Converter


The fact that HitPaw Video Converter converts videos without sacrificing quality is its most impressive feature. Whatever you do to the converted video will always look the same.

More than a thousand video formats can be imported and exported with ease. HitPaw Video Converter employs GPU Acceleration. Therefore, the conversions are noticeably quicker than with most other applications I’ve used.

It can even convert Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify files to different formats.

The application also includes a built-in video downloader that works with practically any website that hosts video content. That’s not a misprint! HitPaw Video Converter works with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter videos. Complete albums or playlists can be downloaded with a single mouse click.

The in-app editor also allows you to crop, apply filters, add watermarks, merge videos, and perform countless more edits.

What’s even better? HitPaw Video Converter is available for immediate, free download. Try it out and see if it’s worth your time.

2. YouTubeToMP3


YoutubeToMp3 is a fresh addition to the market! But due to its effectiveness and appealing Interface, it has attracted significant attention on the web.

I was impressed with the website’s Interface and functionality when I first visited. The site’s layout is modern and eye-catching.

You don’t have to create an account to utilize YoutubeToMP3; doing so is unnecessary. The Youtube-only support of YoutubeToMp3 is, however, a drawback.

YoutubeToMp3 is ideal if you’re looking for a converter that supports YouTube videos and doesn’t bother with those from other sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and so on.

However, YoutubeToMp3’s volume adjustment tool makes up for this shortcoming. In short, YoutubeToMP3 has all the additional features that make it a top-tier option for converting videos from YouTube to audio files.

3. WinX Video Converter


WinX isn’t limited to converting videos from YouTube to WAV; it can do the same for virtually any website.

You can grab a video link from sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Facebook, and so on. You can get the video in any format you want by downloading and changing it. Formats including 4K, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4, and so on are on the list.

Speed is also not an issue because the conversions are GPU-accelerated. Quality is preserved in the process (unless you choose to reduce it yourself). You can adjust the settings on the integrated video compressor to make your videos smaller.

You may want to cut out parts of a movie before showing it to your parents. It has an editor built right in, so you can crop, trim, and do all sorts of other things to your films.

Sure, you can download multiple files at once. You can download an entire album or playlist with only one mouse click.

Even novices can navigate the app thanks to its intuitive design and straightforward layout.

It’s free to download; go check it out for a better idea.


4. YtMp3


If you only need to convert videos from YouTube into MP3 or MP4 files, YtMp3 is the place for you.

For its ease of use, YtMp3 only accepts input files in the YouTube format. The only supported output formats are MP3 and MP4.

Simply put, YTMP3 can only convert videos from YouTube to audio formats, MP3 and mp4. You shouldn’t use YtMp3 to convert videos from YouTube or another service to MP3.

If all you need to do is convert videos from YouTube to MP3, and you want a clean, well-designed, and accessible tool, YtMp3 is what you’re searching for.

YtMp3 makes it easy to convert any YouTube video, no matter the length, to an MP3 file that can be played on any mobile device.

5. SurFast Video Downloader


SurFast Video Downloader can download and convert videos from virtually any website with a link. Copy and paste the YouTube link, and SurFast will convert it to WAV and MP3, MP4, WebM, and more!

Yes, you read that correctly. No third-party software is required to transform a video on YouTube into an audio file (MP3).

SurFast Video Downloader works with thousands of websites outside YouTube, including TikTok, SoundCloud, Twitch, Instagram, and more. SurFast Video Downloader can grab almost any video or music file from the web.

The quality has never let me down. Video resolutions up to 8K are supported. The quality of the audio is maintained at no less than 320Kbps throughout.

It can also be used to download channels and playlists. With one click after pasting the link, you can download everything on the playlist at once. This also means that bulk downloads via the manual method are possible. Paste numerous URLs, and they’re downloaded concurrently, with no queuing.

Subtitles for the video, huh? You get to select if you wish to download or skip the subtitles. Don’t just take my word for it! Try it out for free with no obligation to sign up.

6. VidToMP3


My second favorite YouTube-to-WAV converter is VidToMp3. This is because it is compatible with many different services that stream videos online.

Unlike other YouTube-to-wav converters, VidToMP3 works with a wide variety of video-sharing websites in addition to YouTube, such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, and many more!

The list of sites that are compatible with Vidtomp3 is extensive, but here are just a few: YouTube, Megavideo, Dailymotion, Veoh, Myspace, SantaBanta, Sharkle, Shoutfile, Vimeo, vSocial, Break, Glumbert, iFilm, Bolt, ClipJunkie, ClipShack, CollegeHumor, Putfile, etc.

If we focus on how VidToMp3 functions, we quickly run out of things to say. VIDToMp3 operates similarly to most of the other websites included in the list. The user interface is also very comparable.

The webpage has a sizable box where you may “Enter the URL of the video” before hitting the “Download” button.

The website is excellent, except for the awkward user interface. Despite this, the website’s operation may be grasped even by a novice. However, it has more advertisements than the other leading YouTube converters and a less streamlined design.

7. The You Mp3


The You MP3 is the best online YouTube converter available. There are several reasons why The You MP3 is my go-to for turning YouTube videos into MP3s. First and foremost, it’s because the site is aesthetically pleasing, loads quickly, and costs nothing. There aren’t any more widgets or settings on the website, which are perplexing.

In addition, I like that it is compatible with the most popular video-sharing websites, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, break, Live Leak, etc.

The You MP3 shares many qualities with other Youtube to MP3 converters, including an intuitive UI, lightning-fast conversion, and compatibility with various platforms (PC, tablet, android, etc.). But one characteristic that sets the You Mp3 distinct is the no limits towards the length of the video.

You may convert as many films as you want, regardless of their length, using this fantastic online WAV converter.

8. FLV2MP3


Another straightforward online WAV converter, FLV2MP3, makes it a breeze to change a video’s format to one that’s more suitable for listening on the go.

Upon first browsing the site, you’ll notice that FLV2MP3 primarily supports five file formats: AVI HD, AVI, MP4 HD, MP4, and MP3. MP3 is selected as the output format by default.

To use FLV2MP3, copy and paste the video’s URL into the box at the top of the website, then click the Convert to MP3 button. As I indicated, the default file type is set to MP3. That’s why the button says “Convert to MP3”.

However, you can change the output format from the drop-down menus above the input field to MP4, MP4 HD, or any other supported file. After a few short moments, your video will be converted to the format of your choice.

So, that’s how we utilize FLV2MP3 for converting your videos into other formats. Fast, inexpensive, and simple to use; what more could you want? In addition to using the online service, you may save time by installing FLV2MP3 on your computer and using it whenever you need to convert movies to MP3.

9. Flvto


Your hunt for the finest online WAV converter will likely finish with FLVto if you are unsatisfied with the above tools.

Using something other than one of the YouTube to WAV converters on this list is a great option.

FLVTO is unlike other YouTube converters since it can convert videos from many more sites outside YouTube, including Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, and many more!

FLVTo is highly compatible with all major operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. FLVTO also provides an offline video converter, similar to FLV2MP3.

Overall, FLVTO is a fantastic online WAV converter that you can trust.

10. ListenToYouTube


One of the best online WAV converters is ListenToYoutube. It’s a go-to web converter because of how simple it is to use. ListenToYoutube is available to everyone without charge.

The correct answer is yes. ListenToYouTube is 100% free, trustworthy, and easy to use. ListenToYoutube’s operation is so intuitive that a novice can quickly become an expert user.

You must go to and select the video you want to convert into an mp3 audio file. The search bar and accompanying blue Go button on the homepage can be found.

Paste in the YouTube link and press the Go button. The faster you do this, the sooner the video and its accompanying mp3 are uploaded to ListenToYoutube’s server.

A download link for the audio file is provided in the shortest amount of time. Did you see how easy it is to utilize ListenToYoutube?? And that’s why I adore the ListenToYoutube app, which allows me to convert videos from YouTube to MP3s.

11. Yonverter


Yonverter is the final of our resources. Like most other YouTube to WAV online converters, Converter is free and straightforward.

Yonverter is one of many online Youtube to WAV converters, although I wouldn’t call it the greatest. But yeah, Yonverter is an option to be examined!

Yonverter has nearly all the characteristics that set it apart from the competition. The website can be accessed in around eight different languages (including English, German, Spanish, French, Canadian, Indonesian, Italian, Turkish, etc.) is the best and most exciting element about Yonverter.

Moreover, the Yonverter is supported by various platforms, operating systems, and devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, iOS devices, BlackBerry phones, and Android phones.

This online Converter works with many different file types, which is a huge plus. YouTube videos can be quickly and easily converted to other formats with Converter, including avi, divx, wmv, mp3, and mp4.

While the website’s design leaves something to be desired, Yonverter’s functionality is flawless.

12. Convert2MP3 (Shutdown)


Another excellent and simple-to-use online service for converting YouTube videos to WAV files is Convert2Mp3.

The site’s eye-catching color scheme positively influenced my initial impression of Convert2MP3. The website’s color scheme is tasteful and has a classy overall appearance.

And it wasn’t only the pretty pink packaging that prompted me to put Convert2MP3 on my recommended apps list. Convert2MP3 is simple to use and does not require registration to convert videos.

It’s widely acknowledged as one of the web’s most trustworthy and cost-free resources. Videos from sites like Dailymotion and Clipfish may be easily converted to any format with a single click.

Providing a link to the video is all that’s required. If you have the video’s URL, converting it to an audio file format like MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, OGG, etc., is as simple as clicking a button.

The most excellent part about convert2MP3 is that it lets us look for the videos on all the major sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, and Clipfish without ever leaving the site!

13. Online Video Converter (Shutdown)


Try Online Video Converter to extract the audio from videos found on most video-sharing websites and save them as MP3s. Take my word for it; you won’t be sorry. There are many online video-to-audio converters, but Online Video Converter claims to be the best.

The many output file formats that Online Video Converter offers, including mp3, its compatibility with nearly all modern web browsers, and its ease of use are just a few of its many qualities. There are no sign-up requirements, and it loads quickly, requires little effort, and is entirely cost-free.

Furthermore, it Supports connections from most video networks like Instagram, Youku, break, VK, Dailymotion, etc. There is no software to install or download required.

This concludes the discussion sparked by this article. The time has come for me to finish!


Billions of people use YouTube, making it one of the most popular websites. Listen to music and podcasts, and learn about new topics almost daily by visiting YouTube.

Sometimes, we find a song we want to listen to on our phones, but it’s only available as an MP3 rather than a video.

To manually convert a YouTube video to an MP3, we must first download the video, then search for a suitable YouTube To WAV (offline or online), and perform the conversion.

However, that is unquestionably an old-fashioned approach. This formerly laborious process is now as simple as clicking a button, thanks to the proliferation of online YouTube to WAV converters. I’ve spent time researching the subject and compiled a list of the top 10 YouTube to WAV converters available online.

This concludes our essay. You can leave a remark below if you have any questions or concerns.


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